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Monday, Jun 21st, 2021
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What is the Personal Librarian Program?

Each OUWB M1 student is partnered with a library faculty member—their "personal librarian"—who remains their primary library contact throughout their medical school career.

Your Personal Librarian will:

Help you with your PubMed and other database searches

Recommend information resources for Embark and all your research needs

Provide mentoring and support for your self-directed learning

Provide one-on-one instruction in the efficient and effective use of information resources

Who is my personal librarian?

Your personal librarian will send you email updates about the library that are relevant to your curricular activities. If you are unsure who your personal librarian is and would like to contact them, please email: .
If you know your personal librarian, you can look up their contact information at our the Staff Directory.

If you are not a student, please contact your course or clerskship liaison for more information, or email .

Don't take our word for it.

OUWB Medical Library, Oakland University | 100 Library Drive, Rochester, Michigan 48309 | (248) 370-3772
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Kresge Library Building: Open 8am - 8pm
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Medical Library Office: Open 8am - 5pm

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