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Suggested Mobile Apps & Mobile Websites

If you access any of the mobile websites from off campus, you will be prompted to enter your OU netid and password to access them, but the mobile apps will typically NOT require you to login every time once installed.
Off-Campus-Access Instructions

Point-of-Care Apps & Mobile Websites

OUWB Licensed Apps | More Mobile Apps | Drugs and Interactions | Calculators | Patient Education

OUWB Licensed Apps

AccessMedicine App The AccessMedicineĀ® app delivers point of care solutions for clinical practice which include:The AccessMedicine Diagnosis Tool (Diagnosaurus) is available online when on campus.To download and have continued access to the app, the user must have an active My Access account and sign in every 90 days on-site here at OU or at Beaumont. Create MyAccess Profile

  • Quick Medical Dx & Rx - a collection of evidence-based outlines of conditions and disorders most often encountered in medical practice.
  • Fitzpatrickā€™s Color Atlas of Clinical Dermatology which facilitates dermatologic diagnosis with color images of skin conditions.
  • Differential Diagnosis Tool allows you to browse diagnoses at the point of care.
  • Diagnostic Tests aids in the selection and interpretation of commonly used tests.
  • Available for Android and iOS. Cost: Free for OUWB users.

DynaMed DynaMed is a clinician-focused tool designed support tool that combines current clinical evidence with guidance from leading experts in a user-friendly, personalized experience that delivers fast, accurate answers to clinical questions at the point of care.
Register for a free personal account and download the app DynaMed App Instructions
Available for Android and iOS. Cost: Free for OUWB users.

IBM Micromedex Access the same, evidence-based Micromedex content you rely on every day directly from your mobile device(s). All apps contain the industry's most comprehensive drug information and are backed by the same thorough, unbiased editorial process used for all Micromedex solutions.
Available for Android and iOS and mobile web. Cost: Free for OUWB Users.

UptoDate mobile web and app links. The UpToDate system is an evidence-based clinical resource. It includes a collection of medical and patient information, access to Lexicomp drug monographs and drug-to-drug interactions, and a number of medical calculators. Register for your free account here (must be on campus): Register for UpToDate Account.
Available for Android and iOS and mobile web. Cost: Free

VisualDx. VisualDx is the single source for diagnostic clinical decision support. Searchable by symptoms, signs, and patient factors, VisualDx is the fastest path to a customized differential diagnosis. VisualDx is used to validate a diagnosis, access next steps for management and care, and for patient education. Register for visualDx Account. To learn more - How VisualDx works
Available for Android and iOS and mobile web. Cost: Free

More Mobile Apps

ePSS mobile web and app links. The Electronic Preventative Services Selector (ePSS) is an application designed to help primary care clinicians identify clinical preventive services that are appropriate for their patients. Use the tool to search and browse U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations on the web or mobile device.
Available for Android and iOS and mobile web. Cost: Free

Figure1. Figure 1 gives you free and instant access to thousands of real-world medical cases from healthcare professionals across 185 specialty groups and prominent institutions, including the American Cancer Society and Mount Sinai Health System. View and discuss cases, expand your clinical knowledge, and access a community of millions of healthcare professionals.
Available for Android and iOS and mobile web. Cost: Free

MDPhD is a mobile Evidence Based Medicine tool. MDPhD helps physicians save time by transforming clinical abstracts into evidence-based medicine (EBM) flashcards. The flashcards are color coded and filled with data visualizations to help you consume information quick and easily.
Available for Android and iOS. Cost: $9.99.

Drugs and Interactions

Epocrates Over 2,800 branded and generic drug monographs and formulary information. Includes adult and peds dosing, interactions, adverse reactions, contraindications, off-label indications, mechanism of action, and pricing/packaging.
Available for Android and iOS and mobile web. Cost: Free

Medical Calculators

Calculate by QxMD Calculate is a clinical calculator and decision support tool developed by a collaboration of clinical experts. Includes BMI, gestational age, Kt/v for hemodialysis patients, and many other useful calculation tools.
Available for Android and iOS and mobile web. Cost: Free

MDCalc MDCalc provides access to more than 500 easy-to-use clinical decision tools including risk scores, algorithms, equations, diagnostic criteria, formulas, classifications, dosing calculators, and more.
Available for Android and iOS and mobile web. Cost: Free

Mediquations Mediquations has over 232 formulas and scores, and supports US and SI units of measure. It is consistently rated very high for its overall accuracy and usefulness.
Available for Android and iOS. Cost: $4.99

Patient Education

MedlinePlus offers up-to-date information in language you can understand about diseases, conditions, and wellness issues.
Available online. Cost: Free

OB Wheels contains a calendar calculator to determine EDD (EDC) from LMP or from a sonogram report. The calendar calculator also provides gestational age (EGA) as of any date for a given EDD or LMP. Because the calculator works off the real calendar, it is accurate for leap years too.
Available for Android and iOS Cost: Free

Shots by STFM Get easy-to-use, up-to-date vaccine information at the point of care with Shots Immunizations by the American Academy of Family Physicians and Society of Teachers of Family Medicine.
Available for Android and iOS. Cost: Free

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