Medical Library Study Spaces

Collaborative Study Room

KL100 - Collaborative Study

  • 5 Apple TV-enabled monitors
  • Large Screen projector with Apple TV
  • Small kitchen area with Keurig coffee Machine - please clean up after yourself
  • Print Station - Copy, scan or print in color or B/W
  • Student iMacs with the following software:
    • Microsoft Office
    • EndNote Reference management software
    • NVivo Qualitative statistics software
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Essential Anatomy 5

Please see our Library Technology Page for more information about the listed software.

Quiet Study Rooms

KL102 - Quiet Study

This room is reserved for quiet study only:

  • Carrels for individual study - Occupancy: 30 students.
  • Copies of all required and recommended textbooks (for in-house use)
  • Exam Prep Materials including USMLE collection (for in-house use) Please do not reshelve the books yourself; put them on the cart to be cleaned by our staff.

KL 146–153: Individual Study Rooms

  • Private study space suitable for one student, it is first come first served.
  • Large whiteboards for diagrams and drawings. Students may select markers from the clean box and return used markers to the used box.