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Saturday, Jun 6th, 2020
Kresge Library Building:
OU ID needed midnight - 7am
Medical Library Office:
Virtual Office Hours
M - F : 11am - Noon

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Floor Map

Floor map showing the location of the Medical Library office and study rooms.  To reach the Medical Library office, turn left out of the stairs or elevator, then turn right down the next hallway.  The Medical Library Office will be the first door on the right.

Study Spaces

The Medical Library study spaces are available to OUWB students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (depending on Kresge Library's hours).

Access to the Medical Library study spaces requires an Oakland University ID card.

All users of the Medical Library study space must comply with Kresge Library's Users' Rights and Responsibility policy

KL 100: Group Study

  • Mixed seating
    • Movable lounge chairs with side tables
    • Cafe-style standing tables
    • Traditional worktables and chairs
  • Apple TV–equipped monitors for collaboration and presentation
  • Two breakout rooms suitable for medium-sized groups
  • Two Apple iMacs loaded with study tools and statistics software (details)
  • Student printers

KL 102: Quiet Study

  • 28 carrels for individual study
  • Two copies of all required and recommended textbooks (for in-house use)
  • USMLE collection (for in-house use)

KL 146–153: Individual Study Rooms

  • Private study space suitable for one or two students
  • Large whiteboards for diagrams and drawings

Medical Library Office

  • Medical Librarians available for help, research consultations, etc.
  • iPad and graphical drawing tablet for checkout (details)

Other Library Spaces

Additional information on library spaces is available on the Kresge Library Library Spaces page.

OUWB Medical Library, Oakland University | 100 Library Drive, Rochester, Michigan 48309 | (248) 370-3772
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Kresge Library Building: Closed
OU ID needed midnight - 7am
Medical Library Office: Closed

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