Borrow Technology

Virtual Reality Headset

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The Medical Library offers our students Virtual Reality experiences in our collaborative study room. The aim of the VR program is to offer learning experiences to support curriculum in addition to offering apps to use for a study break that are short, but fun to do when a student would like to get away from their studies for a few minutes. We have also added relaxation apps so that students can de-stress during their studies.

Drop in!
The Quest Headset can be used alone or in a group setting by casting the session to one of our TV's in the collaborative study room. Check the Reservation Calendar to see if it is available, if it is not reserved by someone else, drop into the Medical Library Office to check it out while you study in the the Medical Library.

Or Take it home!
The Quest 2 is also available for you to take home for up to six days.
You can reserve the headset by using our Reservation System

Reserve Technology

Students can reserve any of our iPads, the VR headset and more on our Reservation Site.

Loans are for up to six days, but can be reserved again if the item is still available

For more information and to see videos of the apps created by an OUWB medical student: Virtual Reality System Help

Apps Available on Meta Quest 2

Color Key: Blue:Medical Education, Grey:Activity/Fun, White:Relaxation/Wellness, Green:Immersive Experiences (Click links to see example videos

  • Human Anatomy VR: Study and quiz yourself on Anatomy (AFCP)
  • PowerBeatsVR: Take a quick break and box to music
  • Maloka: Immersive mindfulness journey - breathwork, body scans and soundbaths
  • Ghost VRSE II: Try your hand at a medical device spinal surgery
  • Auscultation training: Listen to a virtual patient's heart and chest (Art and Practice of Medicine)
  • BeatSaber: Break from studying, to slash to beats and dance to the music
  • ZenVR: Meditate through instructor-led relaxation to improve your mental wellbeing
  • Intubation Training (Demo): Practice some basic intubation steps in this demonstration
  • Awake ECG: Go on an immersive journey through inner workings of the human heart's electrical signals and test your knowledge of how ECG measurements are performed (cardiovascular)
  • OpenBrush: Paint in 3D space, relax while making the room your canvas
  • Oxford Medical Simulation: Familiarize yourself in this virtual ER
  • Awake Heart: Explore the human heart through the lens of anatomy, physiology and electrical activity (AFCP and Cardiovascular)
  • Vertical Shift: Fly through arenas like you are a combination of ironman and spiderman
  • Nanome: Nanoscale Design - build and explore your own molecular structures or explore the intricacies of a DNA strand at a molecular level
  • YouTubeVR: Watch 360 videos of patient experiences, surgeries and physical exam flow (surgery, Art and Practice of Medicine) or take a study break by walking alongside waterfalls
  • I expect you to die: Take a break from studying to solve short spy mysteries
  • CPR Simulator: Refresh your CPR and AED skills (First Aid)

Getting Help on the Quest 2 Headset
Schedule a one-on-one tutorial with our staff or Drop by our office to get help using or casting the Quest 2 or visit our VR Help for detailed information on how to use the quest and the apps installed on it.

iPads and Computers

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iPad Loans
The Medical Library has iPads with Study apps loaded for you to borrow. You can reserve an iPad by using our reservation system

Loan times are 6 days and the iPads can be picked up in the Medical Library office from 9-4pm weekdays.

Students can also drop in to our office to checkout an iPad for use in the Medical Library.

  • Essential Anatomy 5: Essential Anatomy 5 is a full-featured anatomical reference app that includes MALE and FEMALE models, with 11 SYSTEMS and a total of 8,200 ANATOMICAL STRUCTURES
  • Radiology 2.0 A night in the ER: Approach and interpret CT scans ordered for common ED abdominal pathology
  • Michigan Histology: Learn or review histology with a comprehensive series of slides and test your knowledge of histological structures
  • UBC Radiology Teaching App: Increase your confidence in identifying normal anatomic structures and enhance your understanding of radiology
  • Other apps include Diagnosis apps, EKG, and FHR tracing apps in addition to medical literature apps for research

For a complete list of our iPad apps, please see our short iPad Apps Video

Computer Loans
The Medical Library has a macbook for loan that is loaded with the full version of EndNote and Nvivo Statistical Software.
Loans are for a period of one week and can be reserved using our reservation system and picked up in our office.

Peripherals and Cables

Forgotten something? The Medical Library has a collection of peripherals and cables you can borrow for the day. Just drop by our office from 9-4 weekdays to borrow an item.

Items Available

  • USB-C charging cables and blocks
  • iPad charging cables
  • iPhone and Android charging cables
  • HDMI to USB-C cables
  • Cat-5 to USB-C cables


The Medical Library has a selection of accessories for loan including:

  • Apple Pencil: 1 week loan
  • Happy Light (light therapy): For use in Collaborative Study
  • Presentation Mouse: 3 day loan
  • Noise Cancelling headphones: For use in Collaborative Study

All these items are available by visiting the Medical Library office from 9-4 on weekdays. The Happy Light and Headphones can also be reserved for up to six days using our reservation system