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Setting Up Off-Campus Access to OUWB Medical Library Resources

To access OUWB Medical Library resources from off-campus including at home and at Beaumont, you must log-in with your Oakland University NetID and password (the same credentials for accessing your OU email and Moodle). If you have not yet activated your NetID and password, please follow these steps to do so. If you have any questions, please contact the Medical Library at or (248) 370 - 3772.

I: Get Your Grizzly ID & NetID

In order to set up your NetID, you first need to obtain both your NetID and Grizzly ID. Your Grizzly ID is a numeric ID for Oakland University.

  1. Download the Clinical Faculty Library Access/OU Email/GrizzlyID Request Form Packet
  2. Print, fill out and sign the OU Personal Information form
  3. Print and sign the General Terms for Guest Academics-Clinical Faculty form

You may

  • fax the forms to the School of Medicine at (248) 370-3630
  • scan and email them to Sue Terrien at
  • or mail them to

    OUWB School of Medicine
    472 O'Dowd Hall
    Rochester, MI 48309

You should receive your Grizzly ID & NetID via regular mail in about two weeks.

II: Set the PIN for your Grizzly ID

Before you can set up a password to use your NetID, you must set the PIN for your Grizzly ID. This will let you log into the OU SAIL administrative system.

  1. Go to http://oakland.edu/grizzid (link below)
  2. Fill out your:
    • Grizzly ID (from the sheet mailed to you)
    • Your date of birth
    • Your first and last name
    • The verification word (to prove you are not a program)
  3. Click Submit
  4. Enter and verify a 6-digit PIN
  5. Click Submit
  6. You may close the tab used to set your PIN.

SET PIN NOW (will open a new tab)

III: Log in to the OU SAIL administrative system

Now that you have a PIN for your Grizzly ID, you can use these to log into the SAIL system to set your NetID password.

  1. Go to https://sail.oakland.edu (link below)
  2. Click "Login To Secure Area" link on the left side
  3. Log in using your Grizzly ID & PIN
  4. Although you must be logged into SAIL, the link to set your password is not on this page. Leave the tab open and return to this tab
  5. Continue to next step

LOG INTO SAIL NOW (will open a new tab)

IV: Set your NetID Password

You must open the NetID Management page to set your NetID password.

  1. Go to https://netid.oakland.edu (link below)
  2. Click "Obtain your NetID account or reset your NetID password" (second item)
  3. Enter your Grizzly ID & PIN, and set & verify your NetID password (password requirements are listed beneath the password form)
  4. Click Change Password
  5. You may now close all tabs

SET NET ID PASSWORD NOW (will open a new tab)

Congratulations! You may now use your NetID and Password when prompted to log in for various OU services, including webmail, proxy server (to access library resources), etc.

OUWB Medical Library, Oakland University | 100 Library Drive, Rochester, Michigan 48309 | (248) 370-3772
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Kresge Library Building: Open 24 Hours
OU ID needed midnight - 7am
Medical Library Office: Open 8am - 5pm

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