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The Medical Library provides the following assortment of technologies for student use, subject to the OUWB Medical Student Computer Policy.

KL100 - Collaborative Study

  • 2 large Workware™ enabled monitors
  • 3 large single display monitors
  • 2 color printers
  • 2 iMacs with the following software:
    • Microsoft Office 2011
    • SPSS (statistical software)
    • Adobe Creative Suite 6
    • Essential Anatomy 5


Workware™ is a wireless solution to connect laptops to an external monitor, and has been installed in the two breakout rooms in the group study room (KL 100). Workware lets multiple people connect to the large screen monitor over wi-fi. Groups can easily switch the laptop being displayed on the monitor or even display up to four laptop screens simultaneously. Instructions for connecting to the monitor are posted in the study rooms. For further questions or assistance, please ask in the medical library office.

Technologies for Checkout

  • iPad (see below)
  • Bamboo Create drawing tablet (for in-house use only)

iPad Checkout Trial Program

The Medical Library is currently running a trial iPad checkout program.

  • One iPad available for checkout
  • 2 Week checkout
  • No renewals

To ask about checking out the iPad, please contact us at (248) 370-3772.

OUWB Medical Library, Oakland University | 100 Library Drive, Rochester, Michigan 48309 | (248) 370-3772
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Library: Open 24 Hours
OU ID needed midnight - 7am
Med Lib Office: Open 7:30am - 6pm

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