What is the Pomodoro Timer and how do I use it?

To Study
The method encourages short bursts of manageable chunks of work with breaks built in between. Pomodoro timers are broken into cycles. One 25-minute session + one 5-minute break is one cycle. To start a cycle: Click the Study button and click Start, when the timer goes off hit Reset and then click the Short Break button and hit Start. Get up, grab a drink, move around. After your break, click Reset and then click Study and click Start to start the next cycle. Make sure that after 4 full cycles you take a longer break of 20 minutes to help recover from intense burst sessions. If you need to interrupt a cycle, click Stop and then Start to resume your cycle.

To remind you to get up from your desk
Click the Stand Up Button and click Start. When the timer goes off after 30 minutes, get up from your desk and stretch, rehydrate and move around. When you are ready to get back to work, click the Reset button start the cycle over.